All Student Proposals

School Title of Proposal
Berry Elementary What is the Effect of Microgravity on Tabasco Seeds Grown in a Hydroponic/Aeroponic System?
William A. Diggs Elementary The Effects of Microgravity and the growth of Sodium Acetate Crystals.
Gale-Bailey Colorful Diffusion
Gale-Bailey Mission: Rainbow Trout Eggs: 12 Days in Microgravity
Gale-Bailey The Effect of Microgravity on E. Coli
Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer Elementary Silly Putty
Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer Elementary Venom less Lizard Eggs
Mary H. Matula Elementary Brine Shrimp Development in a Microgravity Environment
J.C. Parks Elementary Development of Corn Snakes After They Have Been in Microgravity
T.C. Martin Elementary How does the temperature of brine shrimp’s microgravity environment affect its rate of growth?
John Hanson Middle Fertilization of Eggs in Space
Mattawoman Middle Crystals Going Too Far?
Piccowaxen Middle The Effect of Green Algae (Choleochaete) on Dissolved Oxygen Levels in Microgravity Conditions
Milton M. Somers Middle The Effects of Microgravity on the Cell Regenerative Properties of the Planarian Worm
Benjamin Stoddert M.S. Egg Fertilization in Microgravity
Benjamin Stoddert M.S. Effects of Microgravity on Planarian Tissue Regeneration
Henry E. Lackey H.S. Physiological effects of microgravity on germination and growth of Arabidopsis thaliana
Maurice J. McDonough The Effects of Microgravity on the Development of Cockroach Eggs





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