Introducing our Superstar Goldfish: Atlantis and Endeavour

We at the Skinner West Science Department have always been loyal PetSmart customers, shopping at our local store (Canal and Roosevelt, for Chicagoans!) every week for live crickets to feed our firebelly toads and for bedding and food for our two guinea pigs.

After hearing about our participation in SSEP, PetSmart has generously donated all of our goldfish supplies!

Thank you, PetSmart, especially Store Manager Zig Skrzypcak and Fish Department Manager Glen Robinson.  We are so proud to have you on board our historic mission!

Without further ado, please meet Atlantis and Endeavour, our new fancy goldfish.  The goldfish were named on Friday by our student team, in honor of the two space shuttles that have carried SSEP experiments to space.

Atlantis (female) is the one with the black tail.  Endeavour (male, we *HOPE*!) is almost all orange.  Welcome to the Skinner West and SSEP family, Atlantis and Endeavour!

Atlantis (female) and Endeavour (male), the goldfish who will make history!


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