Honorable Mention Finalists

Effects of Mitosis in Micro-Gravity
Grade 7, Ferndale Middle School, High Point
Principal Investigator: Anusha Chaudhry
Co-Investigator: Zachary Ellis
Collaborator: Myles Alexander
Teacher Facilitator: Cassandra Flemming, 7th Grade Science Teacher

Proposal Summary:
Our experiment is about the mitosis of cells. We will distinguish the effect microgravity has on cell replication. We expect for mitosis to be slowed down due to microgravity. We will be placing a dry black-eyed pea seed in a FME type 2 and watching to see if the mitosis of the cell is affected.

Space Art – How Does Microgravity Affect Absorption of Paint into Paper
Grade 6-7, Mendenhall Middle School
Co-Principal Investigators: Sarah Bressler, Helen Hamilton, Cameron Suber, and Aaron Watlington
Co-Investigator: Joshua Cook
Teacher Facilitator: Lenny Sue French, Science Teacher

Proposal Summary:
The proposed experiment addresses the question of can you paint on paper in microgravity? We will put tempera paint in the large glass ampoule (type II FME) and wrap the inside of the main volume well with watercolor paper. We are looking to see the pattern in which the paint is absorbed. It will absorb eventually. If it doesn’t absorb in microgravity it will once it re enters earth’s gravity because even after six weeks the liquid paint should not evaporate because it is in an enclosed tube. So, if there is only a single line of paint it means that none was absorbed in space but it all fell to one side when under the influence of gravity. Spots, dots, splotches would indicate that at least some of the paint was absorbed by the paper while in space. We’ve also thought about using optical microscopes to expand our analysis. We would be looking to see if the pigment (powders) separated from the water in the paint and if that may have affected the absorption.

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