Student Participants

The following students participated in the experimental design portion of SSEP and submitted acceptable proposals:

Heba Abuzer                           Grade 6

Basil Bryson                            Grade 12

Zoe Bryson                              Grade 7

Gabriel Carpenter                  Grade 7

Haley Crane                            Grade 11

Trevor Crane                          Grade 6

Connor Cunningham              Grade 11

Nicole Cunningham                Grade 9

Shepherd Cunningham          Grade 7

Rowan Everett                       Grade 5

Amalia Hosken                       Grade 5

Maria Khan                             Grade 5

Christopher Martin               Grade 9

Erica Martin                           Grade 11

Eli Morey                                Grade 7

Isaac Morey                           Grade 12

Jude Morey                            Grade 4

Sam Morey                             Grade 6

Louie Morris                           Grade 7

Ridge Pershing                       Grade 4

Andy Phipps                           Grade 7

Tressia Phipps                        Grade 9

Josh Porch                              Grade 12

Ameer Rifai                            Grade 4

Jenna Rifai                              Grade 6

Tonia Shirey                           Grade 11

Jana Smith                              Grade 9

Luke Smith                             Grade 12

Randy Smith                           Grade 11

Alexis Stephens                      Grade 5

Anja Stephens                         Grade 6

Jesse Stephens                       Grade 8

Sarah Suleiman                      Grade 4

Cameron Troy                        Grade 11

Sabriya Umrani                      Grade 5          

Jennifer Viera                         Grade 7

David Walker                          Grade 12

Taylor Wright                         Grade 12

Ayesha Zubair                        Grade 5

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