Our Emblem Flying on the Shuttle

Winning Patch
The Avicenna Academy Science Community Collaboration mission patch is the result of a collaborative effort undertaken by the art classes held at Life Learning Cooperative, Inc.(LLC) in Anderson, Indiana taught by Mrs. Jeannie Krise. Mrs. Krise’s art classes, ranging in grades 1st– 12th, all contributed in some fashion to the patch design. It was their desire to have depicted the view of the moon from the window of the space shuttle, which evolved into the current design you see in the patch. Mrs. Krise consolidated several drawings submitted by the art classes to create the final patch design. The Space Shuttle Atlantis was drawn by one of the LLC graduating seniors, Taylor Wright. The band encircling the patch is symbolic of the collaboration between the two educational communities and the SSEP organizations, and includes the colors green and gold, Avicenna Academy’s school colors.

Student Designers
Tressia Phipps , 9th grade
Nichole Cunningham, 9th grade
Haley Crane, 11th grade
Tonia Shirey, 11th grade
Taylor Wright, 12th grade J
osh Porch, 12th grade
Erica Martin, 11th grade
Jahla McCloud, 6th grade
Christopher Martin, 9th grade
Liannah McCloud, 5th grade
Isaac Morey, 12th grade
Maggie Morey, 2nd grade
Randy Smith, 11th grade
Marissa Martinez, 6th
David Walker, 12th grade
Skai Martinez, 2nd grade
Basil Bryson, 12th grade
Michael Dixon, 3rd grade
Shepherd Cunningham, 7th grade
Emilee Dixon, 1st grade
Trevor Crane, 6th grade
Sami Morris, 1st grade
Andy Phipps, 7th grade
Becky Seeger, 1st grade
Sam Morey, 6th grade
Noa Everet, 1st grade
Louie Morris, 7th grade
Josh Smith, 7th grade
Connor Cunningham, 11th grade
Jennifer Viera, 7th grade
Zoe Bryson, 7th grade
Rowan Everett, 5th grade
Eli Morey, 7th grade
Gabriel Carpenter, 7th grade
Anja Stephens, 6th grade
Jesse Stephens, 8th grade
Jude Morey, 4th grade
Ridge Pershing, 4th grade
Alexis Stephens, 5th grade
Luke Smith, 12th grade
Cameron Troy, 11th grade
Jana Smith, 9th grade

First Runner Up
Created by: Ehson M. Umrani, brother to Sabriya and Alliya Umrani, students at Avicenna Academy

Other Submissions
Created by: Samara Hamed, 1st grade at Avicenna Academy

Created by: Adam Suleiman, 2nd grade at Avicenna Academy

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