Honorable Mention Finalists

Avicenna Academy Science Community Collaboration is proud to announce the two runners up:

Title: Reproduction of Yeast in Microgravity

Summary: Saccharomyces cerevisiae are unicellular fungi known as yeast. This common household itemcan be used as a rising agent in bread, to make alcohol through the fermentation process, and apossible deadly opportunity, like bacteria, on the human body. Yeast has a rapid reproductioncycle and is ideal for studying population growths. In this experiment, we will observe andcompare total yeast populations within a closed ecosystem and the relationship they have todifferent environmental conditions such as microgravity. We hope to investigate if yeast willhave the same reproduction processes and growth rates as the control group on Earth. Becauseof our study, we will perform cell counts known as “sampling”in order to estimate entirepopulations. The goal of the experiment is to identify growth populations of yeast that may beaffected by microgravity and to understand the differences in growth populations of yeast cells inspace and on Earth.

Principal Investigators: Connor Cunningham, grade 11 and Jennifer Viera, grade 7 both students at Life Learning Cooperative.

Submitting Teacher Facilitator: Amber Crane

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Title: Chive Seed Germination in Microgravity

Summary: On June 28,the shuttle, Atlantis, will leave Earth’s orbit for a period of time between ten and 14 days. Our experiment that will be on board the Atlantis will test how plants grow inmicrogravity. We have selected chives or Allium Schoenoprasum as our seed to be used toinvestigate the growth patterns of the root systems in microgravity.

 Principal Investigator: Tressia Phipps, grade 9 at Life Learning Cooperative

Submitting Teacher Facilitator: Davina (Dee) Martin

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