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I asked some of the students to share a few words about their experiences with SSEP so that I may post them on the blog.  So far, I’ve received:

-My name is Heba Abuzer and I’m in 6th grade.  My science project proposal is about paramecium.  From my research, I learned about Gause’s Exclusion Principle.  Recently, we went on a trip to IUN and Dr.Olivey showed us some interesting things.  Working as a team also made my confidence rise.  SSEP is important to me because it’s more of a challenge for me and my class.  I’m grateful to be in this program.

-My name is Maria Khan and I’m in 5th grade.  One of the groups I am in is proposing to study the effect of microgravity on two different types of yeast in a mixed culture.  I learned that yeast produce alcohol and alcohol has a negative effect on asexual reproduction…I also went on a field trip to IUN and I learned many new things there.  This project is important because it tests a very important issue: the struggle for existence. 

-My name is Jenna Rifai and I am in 6th grade.  I am part of SSEP and I am going to tell you a little about  my experience.  One of my project proposals is about the effect of microgravity on the population growth of fission and brewer’s yeast in a mixed culture.  We are doing the same experiment that G.F.Gause did in 1932…I believe this would be the first experiment of its kind to go to space. 

Being part of SSEP is an amazing experience to me.  It’s education and a great opportunity.  We have been working very  hard on our projects.  We went to Anderson to meet the other students that we are collaborating with and we got to learn more about some of their ideas.

We also talked to a professor, Dr.Olivey.  He talked with us about our experiments.  It has been an excellent experience to be part of SSEP.  Avicenna Academy is “reaching for the stars”.

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