Choosing the Experiment

Teachers around the building approached SSEP differently. In my 6th grade class each student was involved in a team approach to creating a microgravity experiment proposal. This is the cover of my Science Notebook – it’s covered with ideas from student’s brainstorms about what interested them about microgravity and potential SSEP experiments. The biggest challenge the 6th graders faced was taking their macro ideas and turning them micro. Students had completely do-able ideas, but transforming them to meet the constraints of the Materials List and the size of the MDA (what the experiment actually goes in) was difficult. Take the Moldy Tacos macro concept: Would a taco get all moldy in microgravity at the same rate as it would here on earth? Students could visualize a really small taco, but could they do something with the corn powder and honey from the approved Materials List?

STS 134 Mini Laboratory Operation

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