Collaborators & AASCC Update

This week we received word from both IUN and the Jackson Laboratory that they would love to work with us on our project!  This is wonderful news as it increases the resources available to our students.  We will be meeting up with our collaborators in Anderson, IN on Wednesday of next week.  They’re working with Anderson University’s biology department, Hoosier Microbiological Laboratories and Yale University’s E. coli bank.  Collectively, we have an amazing wealth of resources available to us for our project.  We’re well on our way.

Speaking of which, Avicenna’s students have already begun brain storming ideas and researching various topics.  So far our groups are focusing on paramecium growth, yeast metabolism, embroyonic development (we’re still trying to determine if we want to focus on zebrafish, mice or frogs) and we’ve got a final group that’s considering protein crystallization.  I’m very excited at all of the interesting ideas they’re coming up with and I look forward to working with three professors from IUN’s biology department come up with a plan to help the students fine-tune their research.

If there are any members of the community who are science or medical professionals interested in donating some time or lab space, please let me know.  I’d love to have more adult members of our very own community participating.

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