We’re Making Progress!

Well, we’re chugging right along with our SSEP participation.  The students have moved forward with three solid projects and I’m hoping to squeeze at least one or two more in before our time is up.  We will be submitting two proposals that look at ecological interaction between two species and a third proposal dealing with butterfly development and behavior.  Some of our previous ideas had to be re-thought because of a recent, unforseen change in the parameters of our lab.  See?!  This truly is real science in the real-world.  No worries, though!  We’ve quickly adjusted and have moved forward quite nicely.

 In addition, tomorrow is our first SSEP related field trip.  We’re going to be heading down to visit with our friends at Life Learning Co-Op.  Next week we will be heading to IUN to meet with a professor in the biology department who will be lending his expertise, advice and ultimately lab space.  In addition, he’ll be showing our students some neat specimen to aid in their understanding of bird embryonic development.  That same professor will be meeting with us during our after-school SSEP Science Club meeting next week. 

 We are very fortunate to have the outpouring of support that we’ve been receiving.  Our students are learning so much and seem so excited about their projects.  They’re showing true ownership and are blossoming into quite the critical thinkers!  I’m very, very proud of our students.  🙂

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