Avicenna Student Selected to Ask Former Astronaut a Question

In April, there was an event called Reaching for the Stars held here in Northwest Indiana. The goal was to increase awareness and interest in STEM education. Prior to the event, there was a contest held and the winners would have the opportunity to ask Captain Wendy Lawrence, former NASA astronaut, a question about her experience with space science and space travel. One of our students, who also happens to be a SSEP participant, was selected.

Click here to see Jenna at the Reaching for the Stars event

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  1. LennySue French says:

    You say that you have understood from the beginning about the magnitude of this opportunity but….I speak with experience (my team’s experiment is currently on board the Endeavour 134) There are layers to come that you could never expect. Magnificent and beautiful is the development you will continue to see in yourself, your students and your community. Enjoy the ride! You are absolutely right , this is the opportunity of a lifetime and I am so grateful for “falling into it” in much the same fashion as you did!

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