School’s Out for Summer

Avicenna Academy’s school year has ended and our SSEP participants were able to get a small break before they were called back to duty.

This week we spent two days at the University of Notre Dame . Dr. Shaun Lee welcomed our students to the campus and introduced some new scientific laboratory equipment to the kids. The students learned the proper way to streak-plate bacteria and yeast in order to obtain the results they desire. They then had the opportunity to pellet the bacteria and yeast down, wash the samples and freeze them in preparation for flight in a couple of weeks!

It was another wonderful opportunity that was open to us because of our participation in this project. None of the students had ever visited the University of Notre Dame, so the size and beauty of the campus left an impact. As we returned to home, the students talked excitedly about the work they did, what they want to study in college and our upcoming trip to Florida to watch Atlantis take off for the last time.

Lab pictures coming soon…

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